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Septic Takeaways

Septic Tank Cleaning


About Septic Takeaways

45 years experience, friendly service and reasonable prices.
We pump, clean and carry out all septic tank maintenance.
Depending on the size of your tank and your family you should get your tank cleaned at least every 3 years so give us a call if you think you’re due.
If you find yourself in a tight spot with an overfull septic and an unusable toilet visit our toilet hire page for help.

Your #1 Septic Tank Specialist

With years of experience you can feel confident that we will do a great job everytime.

Servicing the Franklin Area

We service most of the south Auckland area all the way down to Glen Murray.

Quotes Available (including WINZ quotes)

Quotes are available after viewing the job as these are subject to site access, condition of tank and past frequency of cleans.


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Septic Tank Cleaning

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